Responsive web design

Sophisticated web design is the difference between a visitor and a customer. It gives your audience a site that’s easy to use and a pleasure to explore, but it’s more than that. It’s the digital encapsulation of your business.

A responsive website is a mobile-friendly web site. It displays and navigates well on different screen sizes. So on your mobile, there is a single column of content, images are resized, there is a click menu for navigation and the phone number can be called directly, whilst on your desktop there is a wide layout, multiple columns for text, large images and mouse roll-over navigation. The tablet has an in-between experience. The website recognises the viewing device and adjusts the website content accordingly.

Why is this important?

Firstly, with mobile usage of the internet accounting for 65% of digital media time and the desktop a secondary touch point, you are meeting your customers’ requirements. It is much easier to navigate a mobile-friendly website on a mobile device, so customers are likely to stay on the site longer and complete their enquiry or their purchase. Secondly, Google likes to give its searchers the best experience possible. When you Google a topic on your mobile, a mobile-friendly website will be shown in the results ahead of a website that is not mobile-friendly. Therefore, if your website is mobile friendly and your competitors isn’t, yours will show up in the search engine and theirs won’t.

All of our websites are built as mobile-responsive websites. It is that important. There are 42.4 million smart phones in the UK in 2016 meaning a penetration figure of 79%. Among 18- to 34-year-olds, the figure is about 93%.