Analyse activity

constructionIn order to generate an effective site, there are a number of sequential steps.  We look at the overall online situation of your business – if it exists – and develop a website and solution in consultation with you.  Then follows:

Analysis of your current online activity

  • Establish your business requirement, necessary social marketing activities and an overall online strategy
  • Confirm current online position
  • Identify target market
  • Determine web site purpose
  • Key word analysis
  • Check proposed domain name availability
  • Agree hosting arrangements

This ensures that you are aware of what is happening online for your business and helps determine how your website is presented.

Then we move on to creating a picture of how your website will look, including navigation and connection between different sectors of the website.

Design – planning and preparation to meet your website purpose

  • Register domain
  • Decide on web requirement (Content management, E-Commerce, Bookings etc.)
  • Site map development
  • Content writing/production
  • Image selection
  • Determine external links –  suppliers, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  • Design approval

Once we have agreed the design,  we then move in production mode and construct your website.  We do this in an online environment – but in a development sector which is non-public facing.  We keep it there until everything is ready to go live.

Do you have any questions?  Email us at or let us quote.