Build your site

buildBuild – establish the concept, agree the content and implement the design

As professionals creating and maintaining websites on a daily basis, we understand how important it is for you to have a website that not just fulfils your needs, but that also provides the platform for your to talk to your customers.

Your website provides you with the opportunity to communicate with customers and ensure they are abreast with the latest business developments. It allows your business to become known for excellent customer service – for example, by providing FAQ pages, Contact Us pages and regular newsletters and updates.

So the website planning comes together and the design is brought to life – it is built in a non-public environment environment on the Internet.  As the customer, you can see progress, whilst not being available to the general public to view.  We incorporate all the text content, images and links and steps to the build process include:

  • Site map implementation
  • Directory listing configuration
  • Email set up and hosting
  • Build Facebook/Social Media profiles
  • Site linkage to email, databases, directories, eCommerce, social media etc
  • Launch site in development environment
  • Site testing, configuration and final approval
  • Site launch

It is a special day when your new website goes live!   Type your domain in the search engines and visit your website.  Send out an email with a link and invite your customers and business associates to visit too.

Next step – maintaining your website.  We are with you all the way and this is how we do it.

Do you have any questions?  Email us at or let us quote.