Continuous dialogue

supportIs your website working?  Is it improving your business performance?  

We can help you answer these questions.  A large part of our business is providing you the support you need to make your website as effective as possible – analysing statistics, making changes to content, adding more pages, using social media, sending email newsletters – your whole online marketing strategy.  There is no such thing as a set-and-forget website – you wouldn’t leave your shop window untouched for 12 months; neither should you leave your website unchanged.  Google wants fresh and relevant content for its users and gives preferential treatment in search engines to websites that make changes every month.

These are ongoing activities we can help with:

  • Content updates
  • Training staff
  • Customer support
  • Hosting analytics
  • Social Media strategies and marketing
  • Email marketing linkage
  • Blog article creation
  • Automation of ‘data capture’ – collect and use information, such as email addresses, automatically

Do you have any questions?  Email us at or let us quote.