Keep your site secure

hackerMaintaining the security and functionality of your website and email application

Our reputation depends on our website integrity and that of the hosting company we use.  The Internet is a constantly changing environment with ever more risk factors due to those wishing to do harm.

Keeping your software up to date

It may seem obvious, but ensuring you keep all software up to date is vital in keeping your site secure. This applies to both the server operating system and any software you may be running on your website such as a CMS or forum. When website security holes are found in software, hackers are quick to attempt to abuse them.


Everyone knows they should use complex passwords, but that doesn’t mean they always do. It is crucial to use strong passwords to your server and website admin area, but equally also important to insist on good password practices for your users to protect the security of their accounts.

As much as users may not like it, enforcing password requirements such as a minimum of around eight characters, including an uppercase letter and number will help to protect their information in the long run.


Ensure that your IT equipment is adequately protected by using reputable anti-virus software that:

  • Protects your devices from viruses and other threats
  • Allows you to browse the web safely
  • Download and share files without nasty surprises
  • Optimise and make the most of your devices
  • Shop and pay online with zero risk

Keeping your website operational and your email system functional is our priority.

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